Pencil Tombow Ippo Hello Nature Cheetah Edition 2B

The pencil Tombow Ippo Hello Nature Cheetah Edition 2B is a Japanese school pencil. It is made from recycled wood and it is available in different editions/colors (Cheetah, Deer, Lesser Panda, Dolphin, B, 2B). It’s a good darker, softer and cheaper school pencil with which one makes no mistakes.

My video from Tombow Ippo Hello Nature Cheetah Edition 2B:

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Pencil Camel HB

The Camel HB is a Japanese pencil with a very good finish and a very good quality wood.
This pencil is very dark and very smooth. The end cap is surprisingly an eraser! This pencil pleasantly surprised me, I like him a lot and he is from now one of my favorites.

My video from Camel HB pencil:

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Pencil Tombow Mono Mark Sheet HB

The Tombow Mono Mark Sheet HB (LM-KMS) is a great pencil, he is in Japan to fill out forms and actually tests.
The Tombow has a wonderful blue paint and a smooth and dark mine. It is easy to sharpen good and it comes with a plastic cap.
Personally, I find the Mono Mark Sheet HB (LM-KMS) Tombow something better and more beautiful and nobler than the Mitsubishi Mark Sheet.

My video fromTombow Mono Mark Sheet HB pencil:

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